In too many instances, pollution is being perpetrated without effective control or enforcement by regulators and it is the citizens who are left to suffer the consequences: respiratory problems, sinus infections, unpleasant odors, property damage, and other serious problems.

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While most large polluters are well aware of state and federal air emissions standards, too often the penalties they have to pay—if any—are substantially less than the money to be gained through polluting: and they chalk it up as a mere cost of doing business. But the real costs are borne by others.  

Competing businesses that play by the rules bear the costs of unfair competition.  Citizens in nearby neighborhoods bear the costs through harms to health and property.  And the local tax base bears the cost when communities are unable to attract and retain the very best businesses and employees—business owners and people who are concerned about the quality of life that they, their family members and their neighbors can enjoy.  In such an environment, some polluters have a financial incentive to violate emissions standards when doing so results in greater profits.

We know there is a better way.

Our environmental laws are based on a simple moral premise:  business owners should not be able to harm others.  It’s  time to level the playing field by making polluters comply with our environmental laws.  

The attorneys at Larew Law Office, working with experienced professionals from a variety of disciplines, provide the team necessary to enforce common law remedies to stop the violation of citizens’ common law right not to be harmed.

Based on the common law theories of nuisance, trespass and/or strict negligence, private citizens who exercise their legal rights through our courts provide the necessary—indeed, sometimes the only effective—course of action to clean up our environment at a time when federal or state agencies may not be sufficiently protecting the public interest.

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