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In far too many instances, just when policyholders need them most, insurance companies balk at paying claims: declaring that the loss is not covered or offering to pay far less than the claim is worth.  The reason is often simple: far too many insurance companies are motivated to keep their bottom line as healthy as possible; insurance has become Big Business.  In too many instances, insurance companies keep their bottom line healthy by paying far less in claims than they receive in premiums.

So, how does an individual ensure that he or she will receive just compensation for the damages to insured property and go up against a big insurance company?  

By leveling the playing field with experienced advocates in the law.

Fair and just compensation is possible.  A policyholder need not be at the mercy of a giant insurer!  

Welcome to Larew Law Office. 

At Larew Law Office, we are a general practice of law.  However, one of the main areas of our focus is representing homeowners and business owners, who own insurance policies, after they have suffered a property loss.  The attorneys of Larew Law Office team up with other professionals to help you level the playing field.

Policyholders have a contractual relationship with their insurers-sometimes called a "first party" status.  When policyholders pay their premiums they expect insurance companies to keep their end of the bargain-to make them whole if their property is damaged by a covered event.  Our attorneys, working with other licensed professionals, represent clients throughout the claims process, including, as may be required in particular cases, appraisal processes, mediation and pre-trial settlement discussions, and examinations under oath.  If those processes are not successful, we take insurers to trial, and, if necessary, on appeal to our state's highest courts.

Our team understands how the claims process works and what our clients' rights are under the law.

More importantly perhaps, insurance company employees and representatives soon learn that we understand how the claims process works and what the legal rights of our clients are.

Interested in leveling the playing field with your insurance company?

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