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Lawsuit Challenges Tickets at Suburban Des Moines Speed Trap

US News and World Report

WINDSOR HEIGHTS, IOWA (AP) — Drivers who received tickets from traffic cameras at a notorious speed trap in suburban Des Moines filed a lawsuit Friday alleging that their rights have been violated.

Cedar Rapids may refund $3 Mil in automated traffic camera tickets, waive $14 mil in old tickets

The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS — Thousands of people who had their state income taxes withheld last year to pay old automated traffic camera tickets would get refunds while tens of thousands more unpaid tickets would be waived under a proposed settlement of a class-action lawsuit.

City to settle lawsuit over traffic camera ticket fines

The Associated Press

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — Thousands of people whose state income tax refunds were withheld to pay Cedar Rapids traffic camera tickets would get refunds under a proposed $3 million lawsuit settlement.

Cedar Rapids settles class action lawsuit over traffic camera allegations

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The city of Cedar Rapids has agreed to terms in a settlement over issues alleged with the automated traffic enforcement cameras, according to city officials at Tuesday's city council meeting. 

GPC to pay more than $50 million in proposed settlement

MUSCATINE — After years of legal action over pollution problems in the area of the plant, a proposed agreement has been reached in the Grain Processing Corp class action lawsuit

GPC settlement hailed as 'groundbreaking'; plaintiffs urged to file claims quickly

MUSCATINE — With final approval given to the Grain Processing Corporation class-action settlement, those who plan to file a claim to receive benefits have until March 19 to mail in forms, but should file sooner rather than later.

Drivers fight Iowa’s ability to take part of their tax refunds to pay unpaid tickets

Attorney Jim Larew argued in a petition filed last week that the Department of Administrative Services doesn't have the legal authority to collect unpaid speeding and red light infractions issued by traffic cameras.

Drivers challenging Iowa's seizure of tax refunds for unpaid traffic camera tickets

DES MOINES (KCRG) - Drivers who have unpaid traffic camera tickets are challenging the state of Iowa's ability to seize part of their tax refunds to collect the money.

Next step in the GPC settlement: class action members to receive info on filing a claim

MUSCATINE — Members of the class action lawsuit involving Grain Processing Corp will soon be able to start the claims process.

GPC to pay more than $50 million in proposed settlement

MUSCATINE — After years of legal action over pollution problems in the area of the plant, a proposed agreement has been reached in the Grain Processing Corp class action lawsuit.

More details emerge in GPC settlement

MUSCATINE — Court documents filed Friday detail how money from the $45 million settlement fund from the Grain Processing Corp. class action lawsuit will be distributed and what claim forms look like.

UI reinstating legacy scholarships

After hearing from hundreds of affected students and their families, the University of Iowa is reinstating some legacy scholarships to students after announcing last week that they would not be renewed.

Intolerance of government abuse drives lawyer behind traffic camera lawsuits

IOWA CITY — The lawyer behind the legal crusade against automated traffic cameras in Iowa has a history of uphill battles.

Iowa Supreme Court to consider 2 speed camera cases

 The Iowa Supreme Court gave new life to two legal challenges of speeding tickets issued by the automated traffic cameras on Interstate 380

Des Moines must repay thousands of dollars in fines from speed cameras

Des Moines must repay more than $90,000 in fines collected from automatic speed-enforcement cameras because the city violated offenders’ rights, a Polk County judge ruled Tuesday

Court allows Muscatine air pollution class-action to move forward

A lawsuit brought against a Muscatine corn processing plant will be allowed to move forward as a class-action, potentially setting up the company to owe damages to approximately 4,000 residents affected by emissions from the plant. 

GPC, attorney react to class-action lawsuit certification

A lawsuit claiming several Muscatine residents have suffered damages from pollution caused by Grain Processing Corporation will move forward. The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously voted to certify the case as a class-action suit Friday

Judge Rules That Iowa DOT Has Authority to Turn Off Traffic Cameras

(TNS) — CEDAR RAPIDS — A Polk County District Court judge affirmed Iowa Department of Transportation orders to turn off or move several speed cameras around Iowa, including in Cedar Rapids where motorists receive more than 100,000 tickets a year and the city splits millions of dollars with a private vendor.

Judge rejects request to issue traffic camera tickets during appeal

Polk County Judge Scott D. Rosenberg has rejected a request by the cities of Cedar Rapids, Muscatine and Des Moines to continue issuing tickets from automated traffic cameras during an appeal of an order to remove the cameras, according to a Wednesday ruling.

Judge: Turn off automated speed cameras in Des Moines, 2 other cities

Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Muscatine cannot issue citations from automated traffic enforcement cameras located on highways in their communities while they appeal orders to remove the devices, a Polk County judge has ruled

GPC, attorney react to class-action lawsuit certification

MUSCATINE — A lawsuit claiming several Muscatine residents have suffered damages from pollution caused by Grain Processing Corporation will move forward. The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously voted to certify the case as a class-action suit Friday. The class affects residents who lived within 1.5 miles of the GPC plant between 2007 and 2012, which is about 4,000 people. 

Judge OKs request to let others join traffic camera lawsuit

Have you lost an appeal after getting a citation from Des Moines’ automated speed enforcement cameras on Interstate Highway 235?

You may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit that challenges the legality of Des Moines’ administrative hearing process for people who appeal the citations.

Des Moines is seizing tax refunds to pay for overdue traffic camera fines lawyer is trying to stop

For more than three years, the city of Des Moines has seized state income tax refunds from people who fail to pay automated traffic enforcement camera citations.

It's a practice an Iowa attorney has asked Polk County District Court to halt.

Stop work order issued for Kinnick Stadium-style house in Iowa City

IOWA CITY — Work on a home designed to look like the Iowa Hawkeyes’ Kinnick Stadium cannot proceed after residents in the Iowa City neighborhood where the home would be built filed an appeal Wednesday with the city’s Board of Adjustments. Residents in the Manville Heights neighborhood claim city officials made errors in approving the site plan and issuing a building permit to Frederic Reed Carlson, who proposes to build the Kinnick-style, single-family home at 101 Lusk Ave.

Iowa Department of Revenue proposal raises question of balance of powers

The Iowa Department of Revenue’s proposal to create expansive sales and use tax exemptions through administrative rule-making processes, rather than by amending Iowa Code section 423.47 through committees of the Iowa General Assembly, and majority votes of its House and Senate, involves an unprecedented potential shift of institutional, constitutional forces:

Longtime Iowa attorney opens office in Muscatine

MUSCATINE, Iowa — Jim Larew is a third-generation Iowa City resident, but he has also had longstanding ties to the Muscatine County area. Larew has opened a new law office at 210 Cedar St. in Muscatine. “I’ve always had clients from Muscatine ever since I started practicing,” he said.

Editorial: Traffic camera scandal raises abuse concerns

A few weeks ago, the former head of Redflex Traffic Systems, a company that several Iowa cities use to enforce their traffic laws, pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges in Ohio.

Women sue city of Des Moines over traffic cameras

Two Polk County women are suing the city of Des Moines over its use of automated traffic cameras.

Sarah Brooks and Michelle Bullock are seeking class-action status for their lawsuit, which was recently filed against the city and Gatso USA, which runs the traffic cameras, the Des Moines Register reported Saturday.

More plaintiffs join class-action lawsuit over Cedar Rapids traffic cameras

CEDAR RAPIDS — A class-action lawsuit challenging automated traffic cameras in Cedar Rapids has been expanded to include six more plaintiffs in addition to the original two. An amendment to the lawsuit was filed on Monday in Linn County District Court. The new plaintiffs include three residents of Linn County and three out-of-state residents.

Plaintiff lawyer: We’re stepping in where the gov’t isn’t stepping up

MUSCATINE, Iowa — Jim Larew, an Iowa City attorney gathering plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against Grain Processing Corp., said Tuesday that plaintiffs’ attorneys “don’t try cases in the press.”. “Our hope and our belief is that we have established the right team for this particular litigation,” he said on Tuesday afternoon before having seen GPC’s filing.

Muscatine residents sue corn plant over pollution

A lawsuit has been filed against Grain Processing Corp., according to a news release from Erin Powers of Powers MediaWorks LLC in Texas. The lawsuit claims that hazardous chemical releases by GPC’s Muscatine facility expose nearby residents to dangerous levels of pollution, damage property and diminish area property values. The class-action lawsuit was filed today in Iowa state court, according to the release.

The people vs. GPC: Law firms file class action lawsuit against company; suit could expand to includ

MUSCATINE, Iowa —There are 11 people named in a class-action lawsuit filed Monday against Grain Processing Corp.’s Muscatine facility.

Before it’s done, that suit could grow to include 17,000 people.

Muscatine clean air group presents case to take part in state proceedings

MUSCATINE  — The group Clean Air Muscatine will have to wait a few weeks before learning whether it can participate during regulatory proceedings between the Iowa Attorney General’s Office and Grain Processing Corp.

Clean air group files to be a part of GPC case

MUSCATINE, Iowa — Clean Air Muscatine filed a motion to intervene Tuesday in a civil enforcement action against Muscatine-based Grain Processing Corp. in Muscatine County District Court. James Larew of Larew Law Office in Iowa City filed the motion for the nonprofit environmental group that advocates for cleaner air in the Muscatine area.

Clean air group: Get Lande off GPC matters

MUSCATINE, Iowa — In its campaign to improve Muscatine’s air and water quality, a local group is asking the governor to limit the actions of the Muscatine man who heads the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Attorney James Larew of Clean Air Muscatine asked that Roger Lande recuse himself from all environmental matters related to Grain Processors Corp.

The public shouldn’t clam up: Group wants people’s voice to be heard in GPC suit

MUSCATINE, Iowa — The local group Clean Air Muscatine says it wants to be part of any negotiations between the state of Iowa and Grain Processing Corp. in the wake of last week’s lawsuit against the company by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller.

Muscatine community organization seeks to intervene in GPC lawsuit

A Muscatine citizens' group says it will seek to intervene in the state's lawsuit seeking an injunction and civil damages against Grain Processing Company (GPC) for alleged violations of state and federal pollution laws. Clean Air Muscatine (CLAM) is a non-profit corporation established for the purpose of protecting communities in Muscatine County from pollution.

Despite Lone Inspector’s Efforts, Persistent Haze Envelops Iowa Town

MUSCATINE, Iowa — One spring day in 2010, the haze hanging over this Mississippi River town was worse than usual. It billowed from the smokestacks of a corn processing plant and blanketed the neighborhood across the street. It enshrouded homes and, seen from a certain angle, looked almost blue.