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Iowans believe that their older citizens should be treated with dignity and respect.

And Iowa has a proud tradition of providing quality care in nursing home facilities—facilities that, in many instances were locally-owned and operated by not-for-profit, charitable organizations.  But that tradition of ownership and operation is quickly changing.  Nursing home care is a growing business.  In an increasing number of instances, the facilities’ operations are based on a privately owned, for-profit model, even though they largely rely on taxpayer dollars and insurance proceeds.  

Unfortunately, to make a profit, some nursing homes are overcrowded and understaffed.  Some nursing home facilities are so profit-driven that they hire unqualified, untrained staff to reduce payroll costs. Some care facilities fail to perform proper background checks on their employees.  

The nursing home industry has one of the most expensive and powerful lobbies pressuring regulatory agencies to dilute protection for nursing home residents.  As a result, government agencies are less able to carry out effective regulatory actions to protect the public interest.  

It’s time to level the playing field.  

Protecting nursing home residents from neglect and abuse by providing experienced advocacy for individuals and families injured by nursing home negligence is a focus of the attorneys at Larew Law Office.  Working with a team of experienced professionals, the nursing home neglect team is able to assess each case on its own unique facts and circumstances and offer clients advice as to what legal remedies they may have.  

Nursing home negligence can lead to serious injury or death. Nursing neglect and abuse can take many forms, including failure to provide food and water (leading to starvation or dehydration), failure to use proper restraint (leading to falls and broken bones), physical assault, failure to properly supervise and failure to dispense proper medication.  

If you think we can be of help with respect to handling injury claims due to nursing home neglect, please give us a call and we will schedule a complimentary appointment to discuss what is best for your loved one.

Level the playing field with experienced advocates in the law.  

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